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Soochirang is a clothing brand with a difference, heavy in values and deep rooted in patrons of Desi variants of fabric of rural India. Stylish womens clothing online is created at SOOCHI, a firm incorporated to experiment the validity of  ‘Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Model’ of Samarthana, an NGO at Kalkere, Horamavu in East Bangalore. #Online shopping for women #Stylish womens clothing online

The brand curates’ modern styles and designs from traditional handmade designs and fabrics, allowing today’s generation to own, appreciate and enjoy the products of classic Indian handloom. These timeless fabrics presented in modern styles are just what the Indian women of today need – comfortable and stylish at the same time. Being a win-win situation for both the manufacturing worker and the consumer, Soochirang strives to bring the rural and urban together through fashion.

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